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EOC Hyperspectral Task - Australian Site Information


State Site Lat./Long. (Approx.)(Degrees Minutes) Principal Investigators Target
NSW Kioloa Forest Reserve Lat: 35° 35' S 

Long: 150° 18' E

Alex Held
Nicholas Coops

Darius Culvenor
An open forest ecology site containing foothill eucalyptus species on an accessible low terrain coastal area. The long-term research site is representative of the region's complex open forest areas, containing variable growth features and intermittent soil exposures.
NSW Lake George Lat: 34° 52' S 

Long: 149° 26' E

Bob Cechet
A uniform calibration and validation site close to Canberra with the potential for future vegetation change detection studies.
NSW Uardry Lat.  34°23'30"S  

Long. 145°18'17"E

Fred Prata

Bob Cechet


Uardry is a grassland site which has been used over five years as a surface radiation balance site. It has a permanent tower and continuous readings of solar radiation, albedo and meteorological data. It has a suite of instruments forming a standard site for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. This site, together with another near Alice Springs and one in the Northwest of Australia near Broome, forms part of the CIGSN or Continental Integrated Ground Site Network and is part of the MODIS set of sites. 
NT Amburla Lat: 23° 23' S 

Long: 133° 07' E

Bob Cechet
Fred Prata

An established calibration and validation site for atmospheric characterisation and correction studies. (Near Kunoth)
NT Kakadu Lat: 12° 40' S 

Long: 132° 50' E

Alex Held 
A vegetation change detection study area for identifying status, type and condition of tropical savanna and wetland vegetation, as well as variability and anomaly detection, soil moisture and seasonal variability processes. Well documented fire history. Kakadu is a world heritage listed national park.
NT Kunoth Lat: 23° 32' S 

Long: 133° 33' E

Vanessa Chewings
An arid rangeland research site (for some 30 years) for long term monitoring of arid grazing management practices and impacts, vegetation dynamics and landscape processes.
SA  Tinga Tingana  Lat: 29° 00' S  

Long: 139° 75' E

Dean Graetz
Ross Mitchell
Light calibration and validation site north of Flinders Ranges
SA Mt Fitton  Lat: 29° 93' S  

Long: 139° 55' E

Tom Cudahy 
Jon Huntington
Geology and mineral mapping of the Flinders Ranges 
QLD Cape Tribulation Lat: 16° 05' S  

Long: 145° 20' E

Alex Held A multi-application tropical transect, covering agriculture (sugarcan), pristine tropical lowland rainforest areas, estuary mangrove stands and coastal benthic zones. The impact of agricultural activities will be assessed, together with detection of vegetation change. The site is subject to severe natural cycles including cyclonic storms. The transect in part covers the world heritage listed Daintree and Cape Tribulation areas
QLD Moreton Bay Lat: 27° 06' S 

Long: 153° 08' E

Alex Held
John Parslow
Arnold Dekker




Estuaries and coastal waters of this embayment are currently under heavy scientific scrutiny as a case study for evaluating urban impact on coastal waters, benthic vegetation and littoral zone marine ecology.
QLD Townsville Reef Lat: 19° 00' S 

Long: 148° 00' E

John Parslow A national reef ecology marine study area on the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, where the refinement of techniques for measurement of coral reef health, reef diversity, benthic vegetation and optical water properties are tested.
VIC Tanjil Bren Lat: 37° 50' S 

Long: 146° 10' E

Nicholas Coops
Darius Culvenor
A long-term forest ecology study area of national interest, targeting forest health, insect damage (tsyllid) and the impact of 15 years of silviculture trials in the forest area. The site contains heterogenous Mountain Ash (eucalyptus) stands of uneven age covering an undulating catchment.
WA Goldsworthy Lat: 20° 21' S 

Long: 119° 33' E

Cindy Ong A classic mine site rehabilitation site studying the relationship between mineral and vegetation anomalies for determining ecological indicators, particularly for ecological process studies in acid mine site drainages.
WA Lake Argyle Lat: 16° 14.5' S 

Long: 128° 48' E 

Dean Graetz  

Ross Mitchell 

Denis O'Brien

Lake Argyle is a very large man-made lake in the Kimberley region of Australia. For Hyperspectral Task purposes, it is serves as a dark target in contrast to Tinga Tingana (bright target) and has a continuously reading CIMEL aerosol and atmosphere monitoring station in place as well as a Nephelometer. Lake Argyle is well served with an airstrip and research facilities.
WA Panorama Lat: 21° 18' S 

Long: 119° 10' E

Tom Cudahy 
Jon Huntington
A classic, relatively well exposed VMS-style alteration (and associated host rock) mineralogy site on the Pilbara Block. The rock outcrops contain easily identifiable chlorites and white mica minerals for chemical change detection for the modeling of geometry and intensity of the VMS alteration system. The "open file" site has been geologically mapped to a large scale and has supporting analytical field sample information. The site is 90% covered by spinifex grass which will require mineralogical and biomass unmixing.
WA Port Hedland Lat: 20° 19' S 

Long: 118° 36' E

Cindy Ong Littoral studies of the largest tonnage port in Australia handling mined iron ore and producing dust that threaten the harbours mangrove stands. The mangroves are vital in retaining shoreline sediment and maintaining the equilibrium shape of a dredged harbour basin particularly during cyclonic periods.
WA Toolabin Lat: 32° 58' S 

Long: 117° 38' E

Peter Caccetta A long term research site in the western wheat belt of WA consisting of wheat, canola and pasture farming, natural vegetation adjacent the saline Lake Toolabin, and new native regrowth areas. The area is subjected to fluctuating saline groundwater tables, soil salinity and vegetation stress and change.



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