Earth Observing-1
Mission Science Office
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
This distribution contains the Spectral Response Functions and selected documentation
for the Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) Imaging Instruments.
The data files are provided by the EO-1 Instrument Teams.  

Instrument Organization
Advanced Land Imager (ALI) MIT/Lincoln Laboratory
Hyperion (Hyp) TRW
Leisa Atmospheric Corrector (LAC) NASA/GSFC
Contents Description
Text file with the details as appear here
Description of ALI Spectral Response datafiles
Description of Hyperion Spectral Response datafiles
Description of LAC Spectral Response datafiles
ALI Spectral response documentation
EO-1 ALI: Instrument and Flight Operations Overview
EO-1 ALI: Spectral Response Calibration
LAC Spectral Response Data
LAC Spectral Response Data
LAC Spectral Response Data
LAC Spectral Response Data
HyperionSpectral Response Data
Hyperion Spectral Response Data
Also available:
Contains the center wavelength in nm for each Hyperion pixel (updated 24/04/01)
Contains the bandwidth for each Hyperion pixel FWHM
for a gaussian profile
Central wavebands and FWHM of the best fitting Gaussians
(about SpectralL0_revA.dat and BandwidthL0.dat )
Hyperion central wavebands FWHM
Equivalent to hyperion_cen_fwhm.dat but has the averages
A zip file containing: Hyperion_cen_fwhm.dat