Instruments listed on this site may be available for loan. Please contact the person listed for further information on borrowing procedures and availability.

Please be aware that conditions apply on all EOC items. These include:

    1. Each instrument is maintained by a custodian (usually the person or
    team who purchased the isntrument with EOC funds). All loans are at the
    discretion of the instrument custodian.

    2. The operator of the instrument must be a competent user of the
    equipment. It is the responsibility of the borrowing team to ensure
    adequate training for all operators.

    3. Borrowers will be fully responsible for the care of the instrument,
    and the safety of its use, while it is in their possession. They are
    obliged to take due care.

    4. The person who packed the instrument is liable for any damage while
    in transit. This may require a short-term insurance policy.

Further conditions may apply, depending on the instrument.

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