An Australian MODIS Meeting
(plus TERRA, AQUA & DB)

ANUTech Building Canberra ACT
August 29 & 30 2002

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MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Sensor) is a sensor on board both TERRA and AQUA, two NASA EOS platforms. MODIS has the distinction of having a Direct Broadcast (DB) facility, and Australian X-Band stations at Alice Springs, Hobart and Perth routinely acquire MODIS DB data.

The Australian MODIS Meeting was held to inform people of the wide range of data products and opportunities that the two NASA platforms provide, as well as providing a forum for the current providers of products to describe their work.

The meeting was very well attended. A list of attendees is included below. Due to a threatened air traffic controller's strike, the agenda was altered to bring as much of the discussion into the first day as possible. Basically, the first day was devoted to applications and issues that affect MODIS data processing post-Level 1B. The second day included the reports from the reception stations and the discussion focused on issues that affect MODIS data pre-Level 1B. Ian Grant acted as scribe for the discussions at the end of each day and they are provided below as a Day 1 report on the post-Level 1B issues and a Day 2 report on the pre-Level 1B issues.

An important step to be taken concerns the activities of the MODIS Coordinating Group, Chaired by Ian Shepherd of ACRES/GA. An opportunity to answer some of the questions the group has been charged to address will also arise at the end of November in Perth in conjunction with a planned WASTAC meeting. Outcomes from the work of this group will be posted in an EOC web area.

A MODIS meeting involving members of the East and South Asian region had been called for September 20-21 in Beijing. David Jupp attended to describe Australian activity in MODIS acquisition and processing and to report the discussions at the Australian MODIS Meeting. The meeting program, David Jupp's presentation and the Workshop Report are included below to indicate some of the international network issues and opportunities that emerged. It was clear that many if not most of the main issues raised in the Australian meeting were also those of most concern to the groups from the different countries.

EOC will set up and host a list-server for the future activities to come from the Meeting. If you know of people not at the meeting who may wish to be on that list-server then please contact or ask them to contact Beth Reid ( and we will ensure it is done.

List of attendees and interested parties:

Discussion notes compiled by Ian Grant:

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MODIS Meeting in Beijing:

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